B1 Mid-sized Banquet Room AURORA

B1 Mid-sized Banquet Room AURORA

A banquet room with an easy-to-use shape that can be used for multiple purposes. The design theme of the lighting is the “Flare of Light”. Guests can relax in a splendid atmosphere at reception events or parties.

Layout Example

Main Facilities
[Sound equipment] 1 Mixing console (1 CD deck/2 MD decks/1 CTR deck)/Microphone/Wireless microphone/Ceiling speakers
[Lighting equipment] Audience lighting dimmer/Remote console/Pinspot lighting/Lighting rail/Rail spotlight/Temporary power panel for special events 3φ 4 W 182/105 V 3φ 3 W 200 V/120 inch projection screen (2.4 m×1.8 m)/8 Fixed batons/Others
[Internet connection service] Cable LAN (B1 banquet rooms exclusive line)/Wireless LAN

Room Data

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