Meeting Room

Meeting room A (16 seats, 4 spare chairs)
Meeting room B (8 seats, sofa for 4 people)

There are 2 meeting rooms that can be used for meetings and business discussions.
Reservations and inquiries can be made at the Guest Relations Desk on floor 1.

Location 7F
Open hours 8:00 - 21:00
Prices Accommodation/Banquet guests: ¥9,900/hour

Other guests: ¥13,200/hour
TEL 1F Guest Relation Desk
Permanent Equipment ● Whiteboard (Meeting room A only)
*If you would like to use a whiteboard in meeting room B, please let us know.
● TV (can be connected as a PC display)
● Wireless LAN Internet access
Equipment Available for a Fee ● Projector + 80 inch screen ¥36,300
  1. The prices listed above include consumption tax.
  2. There are no exclusive staff for the meeting rooms.
  3. Smoking is not permitted inside the meeting rooms.
  1. A cancellation fee will apply up to 3 days before the usage date.
  2. Please let us know if parking is required. The price for hotel guests will apply.
  3. Please refrain from bringing in food or beverages. Please use room service. We will take your reservation.

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