These popular sightseeing spots are all conveniently accessible by public transportation from our hotel.

The Imperial Palace

The residence of Japan's Imperial Family. Free public admission to part of the park.
Approx. 20 min.


An indoor sporting arena renowned for its sumo wrestling tournaments. Includes a sumo museum.
Approx. 15 min.

Tokyo Tower

A well-known Japanese structure since 1959. It was Japan's tallest broadcasting tower until Sky Tree was built.
Approx. 20 min.

Sky Tree

The world's tallest broadcasting tower and second tallest structure in the world. Completed in 2012.
Approx. 25 min.

Tokyo Disneyland

Great entertainment for children and adults. The world’s third most visited theme park.
Approx. 40 min.


The center of Japan's otaku culture and a leading shopping district for computers, games, anime, etc.
Approx. 5 min.


A district with popular temples, shopping streets and an old atmosphere that attracts foreign visitors.
Approx. 20 min.


Home of a world-famous fish market and a tuna auction tour that is popular among visitors from all over the world.
Approx. 20 min.

Kabuki-za(Kabuki Theater)

Tokyo's leading theater for kabuki drama. Kabuki is one of Japan's traditional stage arts along with noh, kyogen and bunraku.
Approx. 20 min.

Shopping Areas

Located conveniently in the center of Tokyo, Tokyo Dome Hotel is easily accessible from 4 major stations; JR Suidobashi, Tokyo Metro Korakuen, Suidobashi and Kasuga.

route map
From Tokyo Dome Hotel
AreaDistanceTrain RouteTaxi
Tokyo station4 kmJR Sobu Line
-JR Chuo Line rapid
6 min.15 min.Approx.
¥ 1,500
Otemachi3 kmSubway Mita Line5 min.15 min.Approx.
¥ 1,200
Akihabara2 kmJR Sobu Line4 min.10 min.Approx.
¥ 1,000
Akasaka6 kmSubway Namboku Line20 min.25 min.Approx.
¥ 2,000
Asakusa6 kmJR Sobu Line
- Subway Asakusa Line
20 min.20 min.Approx.
¥ 2,000
Ginza5 kmSubway Marunouchi Line15 min.20 min.Approx.
¥ 2,000
Ikebukuro6 kmSubway Marunouchi Line20 min.20 min.Approx.
¥ 2,000
Roppongi8 kmSubway Mita Line
- Subway Hibiya Line
20 min.25 min.Approx.
¥ 3,000
Ryogoku5 kmJR Sobu Line10 min.20 min.Approx.
¥ 2,000
Shibuya9 kmJR Sobu Line
- JR Yamanote Line
20 min.30 min.Approx.
¥ 3,000
Shinjuku7 kmJR Sobu Line15 min.30 min.Approx.
¥ 3,000
Ueno4 kmJR Sobu Line
- JR Yamanote Line
10 min.15 min.Approx.
¥ 1,500

Express bus bound for Mt. Fuji area

A shuttle bus to and from Mt. Fuji area (Fuji-Q Highland, Fuji-san station and Kawaguchiko station) is available from Tokyo Dome Hotel directly. Please contact our Guest Relations officer for more information!

Fare per person:
¥1,800 for adult
¥900 for children under 12
Children under 6 not occupying seats ride free of charge
From Hotel to Mt. Fuji area
Tokyo Dome Hotel departureFuji-Q Highland
Fuji-san Station
Kawaguchiko Station
From Mt. Fuji area to Hotel
Kawaguchiko Station
Fuji-san Station
Fuji-Q Highland
Tokyo Dome Hotel arrival
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