A guide to transportation to Tokyo Dome Hotel. With all the major metropolitan areas within a half hour distance, the location of Tokyo Dome Hotel is very convenient for both sightseeing and business.

Express bus bound for Mt. Fuji area

A shuttle bus to and from Mt. Fuji area (Fuji-Q Highland, Fuji-san station and Kawaguchiko station) is available from Tokyo Dome Hotel directly. You can also reserve a seat or purchase a ticket at 1F Guest Relations.(Business Hours 10:00 - 21:00)

Fare per person for adult ¥1,800
for children under 12 ¥900

Tokyo Dome Hotel ⇒ Mt. Fuji area

Tokyo Dome Hotel departure 6:45
Fuji-Q Highland arrival 8:30
Fuji-san Station arrival 8:37
Kawaguchiko Station arrival 8:42

Mt. Fuji area ⇒ Tokyo Dome Hotel

Kawaguchiko Station departure 17:45
Fuji-san Station departure 17:55
Fuji-Q Highland departure 18:03
Tokyo Dome Hotel arrival 19:45


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