Tokyo Dome Hotel’s Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. 1)Tokyo Dome Hotel shall appoint a personal information protection officer as well as an officer responsible for handling personal information in each department, and shall strive to properly manage all personal information.
  2. 2)When asking you to provide personal information, we shall clarify the purpose of the provision of such information in advance, and shall either publicly announce or notify you of such purpose.
  3. 3)Personal information which has been acquired from you shall not be used for any purpose beyond the extent of the prescribed purpose.
  4. 4)Personal information which has been acquired from you shall be properly managed, and we shall take safety measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, leaks or tampering.
  5. 5)Where the personal information is to be used jointly by one of our group companies, we shall publicly announce or notify you in advance of the items that are to be jointly used, the users of the information, the purpose of use and the name of the chief administrator.
  6. 6)Personal information which has been acquired from you shall not be disclosed to a third party except in the following cases:
    1.Cases where consent has been given by you.
    2.Cases of provision of the personal information to a contractor who has signed a contract relating to protection of the personal information.
    3.Cases pursuant to laws and regulations.
  7. 7)In cases where a request is made by a customer for the disclosure, revision, discontinuance or deletion of information relating to such customer, a system shall be put into place to respond within a reasonable extent without delay after the identity of the customer has been confirmed.
  8. 8)We shall comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines that apply to the personal information held about you, and shall endeavor to continuously improve the above-mentioned measures.

April 25, 2014

Minoru Hagiwara, President
Tokyo Dome Hotel Co., Ltd.

Purpose of Use of Tokyo Dome Hotel's Personal Information

Tokyo Dome Hotel shall use the personal information of our customers for the purpose of providing, checking, billing and introducing services, products and other amenities related to the hotel business of the company and to otherwise introduce the facilities and events of the Tokyo Dome Group and of Tokyo Dome City.

Contact Point for Inquiries, Disclosure, Revision and Suspension of Use Relating to Personal Information

Inquiries/Contact: Personal Information Protection and Management Office
TEL. 03 -5805 -2111 (Operator)
Office Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and a national holidays)

Details of Customer Data Disclosure

Regarding the request procedures for the "disclosure (revision or suspension of use) of retained personal data",

the request procedures for disclosure (hereinafter including revision and suspension of use) in cases of disclosure of personal data held by the company shall be as follows:

1) Method of accepting requests for disclosure

Requests should be made using a "request form for the disclosure of retained personal data" and should be sent by simple registered mail addressed to the Personal Information Protection and Management Office of Tokyo Dome Hotel.

2) Method of requesting disclosure

Please send the following documents and the prescribed fee to the Personal Information Protection and Management Office.

  1. 1.The "request form for the disclosure of retained personal data" specified by the company (may be downloaded by clicking on the button found at the bottom of the page or will be sent by post by the office).
  2. 2.One copy of an official document proving the individual's identity (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  3. 3.In cases of using a statutory agent:
    The documents given in the abovementioned 1 and 2.
    One copy of a document proving the person has the right of statutory representation (family register, where the person has parental authority, a copy of the insurance card on which the dependent is entered is also acceptable).
    One copy of a document proving that the person is the statutory agent of a minor or adult ward (a copy of an official document such as the statutory agent's driver's license or passport).

Note: The above-mentioned official documents must be currently valid (within three months of the date of issuance in the case of a document such as the family register).
The submitted documents shall be retained for a period of two years from the date of disclosure of the contents and then shall be destroyed.

3) Fee for the request for disclosure

The fee for the request for disclosure shall be 1,000 yen (including consumption tax) per request. Please enclose a small-sum postal coupon or a fixed postal money order. In addition, there may be some cases where we will be unable to comply with your request owing to the request coming under the grounds for non-disclosure of retained personal data. In such case, we will notify you giving the reason for non-disclosure, but please note that the prescribed fee will not be refunded to you.

4) The reply to your request shall be posted to you addressed to the address stated on the request form

5) Grounds for non-disclosure of "retained personal data"

Personal data shall not be disclosed in the cases prescribed below. In cases of non-disclosure, you will be notified to the effect of non-disclosure with an explanation given thereof.

  • Cases where the person making the request cannot be confirmed owing to a discrepancy in the address given in the request form and in the address given in the documents to prove the identity of the individual or in the address registered with the company.
  • Cases where the right of representation cannot be confirmed at the time of the application made by the agent.
  • Cases where there is a mistake in the prescribed application documents.
  • Cases where the subject matter for which disclosure is requested does not come under the "retained personal data".
  • Cases where there is the risk that the disclosure of the personal information will harm the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the individual or a third party.
  • Cases where there is the risk that there will be a seriously adverse effect on the proper implementation of the business of the company.
  • Cases where disclosure will be in violation of other laws and regulations.

6) Mailing address

Personal Information Protection and Management Office
Tokyo Dome Hotel Co., Ltd.
1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8562

Click here to download a "request form for the disclosure of retained personal data" (PDF)

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