The Tokyo Dome Hotel offers an incomparable selection of distinctive venues for dining and after-dinner drinks.
Indulge in the joys of eating and harmony of conversation.

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Restaurants Outside the Hotel (Inside Tokyo Dome City)

Restaurants FAQ

QuestionAre there restaurants with a dress code?
AnswerAt Deux Mil dining and Bar 2000 on floor 6,
guests are not allowed to wear sandals, slippers, sneakers, running shirts,
sports shirts, or sports wear such as short pants, casual jeans or shorts.
QuestionAre there restaurants where smoking is permitted?
AnswerSmoking is permitted at all times at Bar 2000 on floor 6, in private rooms at Gyubei Souan Japanese beef BBQ restaurant on floor 2 and at Korakuen Hanten Chinese restaurant on Korakuen Hall Bldg. floor 2, and in some private rooms at Shunpu Banri Japanese restaurant on LaQua floor 9. Smoking is not permitted at any other times or restaurants.

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