Tokyo Dome Hotel features 1,006 guest rooms and suites (including 294 non-smoking rooms) spanning the 9th to 41st floors. The room decor is modern and warm, with wooden furniture and metallic accents. All rooms are equipped with an adjustable air conditioner and TV set. Broadband Internet access is also available free of charge.

Enjoy the comfort accommodations and warm, inviting atmosphere you expect of a fine hotel.

Savor a higher level of luxury in a larger room with more sophisticated ambiance and lavish accommodations.

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Room Service

Japanese and western menus from Rilassa and Yugyoan Tankuma Kita-mise restaurants.

Hours: Breakfast6:30 - 11:00
Lunch & Dinner11:30 - 21:00
Midnight dining21:00 - 24:00
Price(s): Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
¥1,900 (2,052)
American Breakfast
¥2,700 (2,916)
Kyoto Style Breakfast
¥2,600 (2,808)
A la carte menu
¥730 (788)~
Lunch & Dinner
Seasonal Course menu
¥6,500 (7,020)
A la carte menu
¥500 (540)~
Midnight dining
A la carte menu
¥600 (648)~
  • *Prices in parentheses include consumption tax.
  • *A service charge10% will be added.