Guide to B2/B3 Parking

There is exclusive parking space for 283 cars on basement floors 2 and 3.

Car Size Limits L: Under 5.5 m
W: Under 3.3 m
H: Under 2.1 m
Parking Rate Every 30 mins: ¥400 (tax included)
Every 30 mins: ¥500(For Busy Days)
Please contact the person in charge for details.
For Stay Guests 1 night 1 car: ¥1,500 (tax included)
After parking, please apply at the front desk to receive a special parking ticket. There is no limit to the amount of times you can park from the check-in time until 13:00 on the check-out date.
Other Discounts
Please contact the person in charge for details.
  1. Large buses or other vehicles with a height over 2.1 m cannot use underground parking.

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